Instagram UI Kit cover Video short small.gif

Instagram UI Kit

This kit was designed to give anyone the ability to perfectly size their Instagram media for sharing and to preview their grid before posting. Since Adobe XD is free, lightweight, yet powerful, I believe that anyone can flex its power to simply streamline their social networking flow.

Design System New.png

Design System for a music app

This was created for an Adobe Creative Challenge. The concept for this app was a feature called ‘Imprint’. Imprint is the music services AI that finds and aggregates music for the user. The app focus is to surface music front and center. Imprint will also conform to your environment by switching between light and dark modes. This is activated by user choice, time of day or lighting conditions.

tsCreativ Logo 1000px - Black@2x.png

tsCreativ Logo

The logo I designed for my creative agency. I decided to be playful and relaxed using script for the first two letters, then add a ‘print’ magazine feel with the rest of Creativ. This suited the relaxed yet serious feel I evoke with all clients and jobs.

Fitness Tracker Dashboard

A CrossFit focused fitness tracker for athletes of all levels.

Weather butler - Apple Watch

Serves you the weather with a bit of attitude.

Desert Search

An endless desert won’t stop them.

Sun and Sails

Just keep floating.