Road to the 2017 CrossFit Games with Mayra Brandt

Going to the CrossFit Games is a big deal. Don’t let Mayra downplay it for you. The CrossFit Games is like the Olympics of the sport. CrossFit Delray Beach and all its members were ecstatic for Mayra, their coach and fellow CrossFitter, to qualify for the Games. Those that couldn’t travel with her to Madison, Wisconsin were watching her workouts live at work, home, and even in the midst of their own workout at the box. I am honored to have been able to capture her prepping for the Games. Mayra allowed me a behind the scenes view of her family, training and businesses. Mayra is an incredible athlete and human being. Anyone can obviously see her love of life and being active. Mayra is officially the 5th fittest woman in the world in her age category. Everyone looks forward to seeing her dominate the CrossFit Games again in 2018! Congrats Mayra, and cheers!  

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