Ohio 2017 - More interesting than you thought!

Most people think Ohio is boring, and if done incorrectly I can see why they would think that. If done with your wife, best friends, and planning all your stops, it can be a fun and adventurous weekend trip!

Colorado 2016

My wife and I try to travel as often as we can but we make a point to take an extended trip every October for our anniversary. 2017 was the year of Colorado! We explored Boulder and Colorado Springs in particular. We had a blast hiking and playing tourist. Here are some of my favorites from the adventure... 

Michigan 2016

When your best friend and best man from your wedding moves back to his hometown in Michigan, you go out to visit ASAP. Michigan is an outdoor lover's dream, especially with a local guide. We made a one-day stop in Chicago for some delicious eats after exploring some beautiful Michiganian highlights.