Crossfit Games Regionals 2018 - Chestee Promo

Working with Nicole Biscuiti from The Chestee is always fun. I get to cover her and her high energy team, as they connect with hundreds of people in a day. Their booth is always slammed and fun. The energy of these Crossfit events are always high, but The Chestee's products and culture only add to it. 

Hope you like the finished piece. 

Savannah Bastecki

Get Savvy About Savy
— Savannah Bastecki

Savannah is a graphic designer who recently revamped her website and was in need of new portraits and product photos to better reflect her interests and passion for graphic art. It was a blast capturing some of her favorite personal items she felt reflected her best (check out her homepage) as well as her charismatic personality. We even got her normally camera shy boyfriend, Corey in some photos!

CrossFit Saves Lives

“We have to show people how I saved a woman’s life because of CrossFit.”

These were the words Phil approached me with one afternoon along with a string of photos from the accident he witnessed.
The photos spoke for themselves about the severity of the accident and Phil wanted to share his story of how he used his CrossFit training and coaching to help flip a car to save a woman trapped inside.
Here is Phil’s encounter taking us through the immediate post-accident scene and the effects of his life-changing CrossFit training.

CrossFit Delray Beach Grand Re-Opening

As you've probably already guessed, CrossFit Delray Beach is my local box. They recently went through some very exciting changes which included two head coaches becoming co-owners. I was bummed to miss participating in this fun workout but I had a blast capturing the Grand Re-Opening celebration. In CrossFit, celebration = a workout of some kind. Throw in a raffle and some food and we were all set!

Sofi Cala 2017 Miami Marathon

My wife overheard Sofi saying she was training for her first half-marathon since a major injury. She told Sofi we HAD to capture her journey. I couldn’t disagree, this was a major comeback for a previously regular marathon runner. We ate with Sofi, rode along for those thirteen-mile training runs and have an epic forever moment between us three of me hanging out of the back of my wife’s Beetle with Sofi running alongside. Anything for the shot! We made it to Miami on D-Day AKA Miami Marathon day at 3 am and spent the next 22 hours awake and capturing Sofi’s big comeback. It was a blast and Sofi made amazing time despite the ice cold rainy temps!

Colorado 2016

My wife and I try to travel as often as we can but we make a point to take an extended trip every October for our anniversary. 2017 was the year of Colorado! We explored Boulder and Colorado Springs in particular. We had a blast hiking and playing tourist. Here are some of my favorites from the adventure... 

Michigan 2016

When your best friend and best man from your wedding moves back to his hometown in Michigan, you go out to visit ASAP. Michigan is an outdoor lover's dream, especially with a local guide. We made a one-day stop in Chicago for some delicious eats after exploring some beautiful Michiganian highlights.