Masters Weightlifting Qualifier 2018

Nicole Biscuiti and I usually work together on projects for her company, The Chestee. This time I got a request from her to shoot something a bit different, something a bit more personal. Nicole has been doing Crossfit for years, but more recently she has been focusing on Olympic lifting. She has been competing and chipping her way up in her division for the past year and she wanted me to shoot the last event before going to worlds. I was excited and of course said yes. 


Nicole would say that this event was nothing special and all the lifts that she would be doing were safe and light. To the average person these lifts are way heavier than anyone could do and impressive to see the weight moved with such ease. The event was short and sweet: get there, weigh in, do your lifts and go. Sure the event was that, but for Nicole it was meeting with all the people she knows in the community, having a fun Sunday afternoon, lifting heavy stuff, and of course having her mom watch. 


The weights moved with ease, laughs were exchanged, and tons of celebratory champagne was drank. I forgot to mention, worlds are held in Spain, so celebration was totally called for! 


If you want to watch the full, longer version, the link is below.