Patton'd Comedy CPR Promo

When I got the call from Jason that he wanted me to film his promotional video for Patton'd CPR, I did not hesitate to say yes. Mainly because I knew it would be a hilarious experience.

This shoot was only a two day process. Day one was the CPR class and took only a few hours. The class was just as funny as it looks. I shot with two cameras, one fixed on a tripod running the wireless lav's audio. The second camera was in my hands, using a monopod or handheld, working my way around the room. The goal was to get footage of Jason himself, as well as the attendees, and their emotions during the experience. This was easy because most of them didn't stop smiling for more than a minute. I also captured ambient room audio using a boom mic and a recorder. The second shooting day was a few weeks later, shot at his place. We moved a couch and ottoman, but we made it work. I lit the whole thing with two led panels and shot from two angles. 

I truly like the final result! It's funny, to the point, and compelling. I'd go to the class!