PNW 2018

Vacations are great. They empower you to step back from your day to day, relax, and perceive life differently than you normally would. My favorite places to vacation are not the norm. I don't enjoy the tropics, cruises, or theme parks. I enjoy mountains and seasons I never get in Florida.

My day to day can be hectic. I have a day job as a product manager for a busy tech company. I also make films and capture images for commercial work. I am even building a product, both physical and digital, on the side. My work and play life blend and run into each other, one never truly beginning or ending. So when I get a vacation, especially lately, I cherish it.

Admittedly, one of my favorite places is the PNW (Pacific Northwest). No, I don't fly 10 hours just because it’s a hip, photogenic area. I trek that way because I love the nature, ambiance, and emotional feel of the area. There is a harmonious balance between the hustle of the tech and art sector with nature and disconnection.

So my wife and I planned meticulously, packed the essentials, and went PNW adventuring. Internally, I knew that this trip would very much be about disconnecting and enjoying the moment. And it was. The “problem” though, was that I wasn't capturing much content. Not Instagram worthy content at least.

I brought along two cameras, a few lenses, my drone, laptop, and all the essential cords, adapters, and doohickies. This all packed into one carry-on backpack that weighed about 50-60lbs. I had the gear, even though it was a pain in the ass to lug it. Sure, that is a barrier to entry right there. Who wants to hike 5 miles with 50lbs on their back? I don't, but I never want to be under prepared if I find the perfect shot. I carried this bag with me often, with most of that load, but I still wasn't reaching for my camera as much as I should have. I really love to document my travels but this one felt different, it really felt necessary to disconnect and just be present.

Clearly, what I am getting to here is that I didn't shoot much photo or video. I did shoot some but not to the same caliber that I normally do. Honestly, I am not super mad about it. The time that I took with my wife meant way more than the images and video that I missed.

I didn't completely neglect my urge to create. I shot video and photo but way less video. I managed to make a 42 second short film. I think it embodies the trip pretty damn well. As for photos, this is the first trip my wife shot photos on a semi-pro camera! I'll drop some of my favorite images, shot by me and my wife, edited by me. I'll get her editing in no time...